Saturday, February 27, 2010


Now let's talk Tee. I was thinking of  the next thing to blog about and (boom!) it hit me! Graphic Tees baby! yeah! Yes, I'm a fan i'm the-street-kid-type so you won't see me wearing bow's and tie. I look so sick if i do wear that.  So I went online and searched for a few tees i'd see myself wearing. There's a lot of really cute tees but a few got my attention.

First Tee: Peace y'all! Who doesn't want peace? peace of mind, peace around the world, peace, peace, peace.

Second Tee: How i wish i could see my face printed on this tee. LOL and a few highschool friends. Us being the the dorky-looking people before. LOL 

Third Tee: i love shoes, i love shoes, i love shoes, i love shoes...i rather not elaborate it! hehe!


Fourth Tee :  Ok, you will ask wth? who is that? what? blah blah blah.. I really didn't know WU-TANG before, until my cousin from the states introduced the band to me. I listened to their music and found myself not returning the cassette tapes to my cousin. Yes, Twas like six years ago and i still love them, really cool music! rock on!


Fifth Tee: I will never end this post if i keep browsing so i have to stop it before i flood my posts with tees. LOL. But i am sure that this is not the least tee that i will wear. It's another Band Tee. My sister introduce them to me. No further introduction since y'all know the guys from....


So ask anyone who doesn't wear tee? i doubt.


I can't stop myself if i see a really good pair of shoes. If i can't buy it i can't sleep nor eat properly. LOL. I know it's stupid but i'm planning to be "the next Imelda Marcos" (male version of course). Shoes keeps me alive. I'm thinking of this one but i can only buy it online since it's sooooo hard to get a pair of these... Janoski baby!
and this one..Fred Perry, a classic mixed modern. You can wear it anywhere! Formal, Semi-Formal, Tennis event, Mall.... anything you can think of!
 another classic... Vans! Pair it with anything and your good to go!

I love shoes that's classic and i just mixed it with modern, It maybe my clothes or just totally accessorize it.Though it costs a dozen but hell with it! haha! i love shoes!


Saturday, January 30, 2010


Dear Virtual Diary, 

I just can't think of anything to say right now but i know as i start typing on the keys, eventually words will come out of my crazy mind and my naughty fingers will start typing. (see?) I just want to say that i am one of the happiest people on earth, WHY? reason number one: this is my first post. reason number two: it's our fouth mothsary with my lover... hehehe! I really don't have any idea on how to celebrate our fourth monthsary(any suggestions?) You know virtual diary, I'm so contented with what i have now, my wonderful family, supportive friends, trust-worthy work mates. Who would ask for more if you are given more than what you expect. I just can't take this smile off me and i know some people will try to take that away but i will make sure they will not pursue on that matter. Life can be very tricky but if you only know how to be tricky like how life is, then, Bravo! I'm out of words, tired of typing and i can't think of anything except FOOD! haha! talk to you soon.